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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Sam Griffin
Sam Griffin

What do you study?

I am in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) / Commerce.

Your best tip for a first year university student?

My advice to new students is to be a sponge – absorb. Your first year of university will offer a range of opportunities for you to take advantage of – you need to make the most of these experiences. Attend everything that you possibly can to learn more about life after study and connect with the industry sector that most appeals to you. Join every club or committee that interests you as this is a fun and easy way to meet new people and create a professional network. Making the most of first year will pay off, as you will not only make some lifelong friends but also develop a diverse network of real connections that will benefit you long after graduation.

What is your dream role when leaving university?

During my studies I have completed vacation work programs as an engineer in various companies, alongside part-time work in an accountancy firm. These experiences have given me strong insight into my future, where I currently aspire to work as a project manager in a consultancy engineering firm. This job appeals to my passion for design work which is what I have found to enjoy most in my studies thus far.

Why is employability important to you?

Having a strong employability profile is important to me as it provides me with the opportunity to choose the career and industry that I want. Developing a profile early on ensures that I have a competitive advantage and can get fast tracked to my dream job straight out of university.

What do you hope to achieve as an EAIT Employability Ambassador?

As an EAIT Employability Ambassador, I want to be approachable to students who require any assistance with networking. I understand that many students are worried they do not possess the necessary qualities to stand out from a crowd and it is an intimidating process. I would like to help these student recognise and harness their personal strengths and apply them in a networking setting to increase their employability.