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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Some country-specific prerequisites and entry requirements apply to certain postgraduate coursework programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology.

Please review this information to determine whether you will meet the admission requirements.

Students applying on the basis of a Bachelor or Master degree from India must have a degree awarded in First Class/First Division from a good or very good institution as accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in India. Students must also meet the prerequisite entry requirements for the program as listed on the UQ Future Students website.

These requirements apply to the programs listed below:


Computer Science

Data Science


Engineering Science

Engineering Science

Information Technology

Interaction Design

Petroleum Engineering

Sustainable Energy


Very good institution

All institutions accredited by NAAC with a rating of A in the current system.

Good institutions

All institutions accredited by NAAC with a rating of B in the current system.

NAAC university and college accreditation website

All applications for admission to postgraduate coursework programs are assessed in line with the entry requirements advertised for each program. Overseas qualifications will be assessed to determine that they are equivalent to the Australian standard required. Grade Point Averages will be converted to the 7-point UQ scale for the purposes of determining eligibility for admission. Find out more about the UQ grading scale