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UQ leader recognised for shaping regional energy industries

The University of Queensland’s Centre for Natural Gas (CNG) has been recognised for its work in the energy sphere in regional communities.

The University of Queensland leads change in resources sector

Initiatives in engineering education and the research strengths of the University are helping Australian mining transition to a more sustainable world.

UQ’s new Chief Student Entrepreneur wants to make more startups sustainable

The University of Queensland’s new Chief Student Entrepreneur advocates for more sustainable startups by leading through example.

Carry on teaching: Higher education during a pandemic

As it has for many aspects of society, the Covid-19 pandemic has served a blow to the education system. Universities have been forced to change how they operate to enable students to continue learning in the face of imposed restrictions and safety measures. How have teaching methods changed? And how well have they been received?

Queensland shines light on the grid

It’s an accomplishment that many academic institutions would envy: The University of Queensland, in northeastern Australia, generates more electricity than it uses each year from its own renewable-energy assets.

UQ strengthens position as a leading provider of know-how in sustainable metallurgy

University of Queensland student, Xi Rui Wen, has received the Young Slag Scientist Award at MOLTEN21 for his contribution to creating new and sustainable metallurgy processes essential for a circular economy.

UQ expert to lead Queensland’s hydrogen taskforce

University of Queensland sustainable energy expert, Professor Peta Ashworth OAM, has been appointed by the Queensland Government to lead a new Hydrogen Taskforce.

Australia is sending 8,000 vaccine doses to PNG – but without reliable electricity, how will they be kept cold?

Australia’s nearest neighbour, Papua New Guinea, is battling an unfolding COVID crisis.

Teaching win for Amin

Congratulations to Associate Professor Saiied Aminossadati who was awarded a UQ Award for Teaching Excellence.

Building a better future through culture-led design

Australia’s devastating summer bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement – these were just some of the major events in 2020 that will shape history.

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