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Advanced manufacturing in Japan becomes inspiration for UQ students

15 students recently traveled to Japan to learn about advanced manufacturing processes around electric vehicles and the opportunities this creates for Australia's future engineers

Minecraft embraces world-leading Australian minerals sector

UQ researchers have worked with the Minerals Council of Australia and Mining Education Australia to develop a new 3D digital game for Minecraft's Education Edition.

New study into Australian architecture in China

University of Queensland researchers will explore how the ingenuity and expertise of Australian architects contributes to improving the quality of life among Chinese citizens.

New head of civil engineering plans to showcase vibrant research community

Globally renowned transport engineering researcher, Professor Carlo Prato has stepped up to lead the UQ School of Civil Engineering into 2020, as the new Head of School (Acting).

International recognition for architecture research

Attempts to redevelop informal settlements with apartment buildings could cause more harm than good in developing regions, according to a University of Queensland PhD architecture student.

Melting metals as sustainable needs heat up

Melting metals from scrapped electronic devices are among solutions for the sustainable supply of critical materials being investigated by University of Queensland researchers.

Star students welcomed with open arms

Australian engineering companies committed to a more equitable gender balance for the engineering industry are reaping the rewards of their efforts to help build and support the pipeline of female talent entering the field.

Alumni focus generous gift on early career researchers

University of Queensland alumni, John and Gay Hull have been generous supporters of research at UQ for almost a decade. Their philanthropy, focused on early career researchers in biomedical and structural engineering, has helped to provide opportunities for talented and creative researchers, taking their projects to new heights.

Fellowship funding charges sustainable transport

The Trevor and Judith St Baker Family Foundation donated $1.5 million to fund a visiting fellowship at The University of Queensland - a gift that will advance environmentally friendly transport options.

In conversation with Professor Janet Wiles

Social robotics expert Professor Janet Wiles talks about how robots "hook" parts of our brains, switching on the same parts used for social engagement.

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