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QLD Smart City benefits from UQ know-how

Sunshine Coast Council managers, analysts and planners visited UQ to explore innovative initiatives that could form part of the Sunshine Coast’s Smart City Program.

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UQ crowns its Sportspeople of the Year

Australian netball vice-captain Gabi Simpson and national gymnastics champion Michael Mercieca have been named UQ's Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year.

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Pioneering vision saves lives

Across the globe, more than eight billion scans have been completed to date using world-leading magnetic resonance imaging technology developed at UQ.

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Uneasy heritage: Australia’s modern church buildings are disappearing

Of the thousands of churches erected to serve the fast-growing communities of post-war Australia, very few are protected. UQ Architecture's Lisa Marie Daunt asked The Conversation whether we are happy to lose buildings that are so much part of our modern heritage?

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Commonwealth Games gold for UQ swimmer

UQ students competing in the 2018 Commonwealth Games have seen success, bringing home two gold medals!

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Too wet? Too cold? Too hot? This is how weather affects the trips we make

The relationship between weather and our travel choices is complicated. We can't change the weather, but, with many other factors in play, good policy and design can reduce its impacts. Civil Engineering transport researcher Dr Jiwon Kim writes with colleagues from UQ and beyond for The Conversation.

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Dam good – new technologies to rehabilitate dams into useful land

An emerging technology has the potential to turn toxic red mud into useful soil, combatting the expensive rehabilitation of red mud dams across Australia.

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Historic gift from Andrew and Paula Liveris

Global business leader Andrew N. Liveris is spearheading an extraordinary effort to provide $40 million to support University of Queensland innovation and leadership initiatives across the state and around the world.

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A perspective on trans visibility

In 2018 we are celebrating and supporting transgender people in the UQ community through the Transgender Day of Visibility (31 March). "My name is Krystian. I want to live in a world where I am comfortable being open about my trans experience."

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Scholarships awarded to Commonwealth Games competitors

EAIT students, including Commonwealth Games competitor Michael Mercieca, were among those awarded 2018 UQ Sporting Scholarships.

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