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UQ students win international design competition

UQ’s Isabella Reynolds and Lewis Healy attended the prestigious AEC Global Teamwork course at Stanford University, designing an amazing four-storey timber building.

8 tips to get the best grades in your class

A friendly face and expert in all things study related, Associate Professor Saiied Aminossadati (Amin) shares his top 8 tips for finishing the semester on a high note.

A pretty good start but room for improvement: 3 experts rate Australia’s emissions technology plan

UQ's Dr Jake Whitehead, Professor Chris Greig and Associate Professor Simon Smart reviewed the Australian government's new emissions reduction technology plan for The Conversation.

Beyond the COVID-19 crisis: The student perspective

Liveris Academy scholars Amber Spurway, Flynn Pearman and Victoria Barnes talked to Contact Magazine about how they're adjusting to new ways of learning throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Shielding health workers

UQ researchers have helped to develop a quick and easy way to mass-produce face shields for health workers battling COVID-19 in the world's poorest countries.

UQ Cyber Squad leaps towards global top 10 position

It’s a huge ambition, but they’re not afraid, because being known as the best cyber security competition squad in the world isn’t far out of reach for The University of Queensland’s elite band of student white-hat hackers, the UQ Cyber Squad.

Can batteries replace ‘cap’ contracts to hedge customer load?

As part of the organisation’s energy leadership ambitions, The University of Queensland installed the state’s largest behind-the-meter battery in late 2019.

Shopping Angels deliver in time of need

EAIT alumnus Tara O'Kane is supposed to be starting her new career in London – but the coronavirus had other plans. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, O'Kane has decided to use this time to help others by co-founding a grocery-delivery service.

Bending the rules with flexible batteries

Flexible electronics is an exciting field of research with almost limitless applications – and now thanks to the development of a new breed of printed batteries, we’re one step closer to unlocking their full potential.

UQ ventilator design hackathon puts engineers to work

A mission to design ventilators that could serve COVID-19 patients has brought together 200 bright engineers and their students at The University of Queensland.

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