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Stop COVID-19 bots

How you can prevent the spread of misinformation online

How to spot fake news

In times of crisis, figuring out which news you can trust – and which you should not – is vitally important.

Fire safety consortium to address urgent global challenges

Five universities across the world have combined their expertise to tackle issues like fire safety inequality and the future of bush fire management.

UQ educates the world in sustainable energy

Transitioning to a sustainable energy future is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, and The University of Queensland is helping to tackle this issue by educating the next generation of energy sector experts.

Homecoming for UQ star alumnus

University of Queensland (UQ) star alumnus, Andrew N. Liveris AO, has returned to Brisbane this week to welcome the newest members of the Liveris Academy for Innovation and Leadership.

Solar technology breakthrough at UQ

The development of next generation solar power technology that has potential to be used as a flexible ‘skin’ over hard surfaces has moved a step closer, thanks to a significant breakthrough at The University of Queensland.

UQ researchers develop framework for climate change mitigation in mining

University of Queensland researchers have developed a framework that aims to reduce the mining industry’s impact on climate change by accounting for sources and sinks of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Sustainability expert to lead Liveris ‘change enablers’

The University of Queensland has appointed Professor Peta Ashworth OAM as inaugural director of the Andrew N. Liveris Academy for Innovation and Leadership.

UQ’s Tiny House based on a big idea

The University of Queensland has become home to a very special tiny house, constructed using an experimental technique developed by researchers from the ARC Future Timber Hub.

What’s on at EAIT during O-Week 2020?

Are you a new student in Engineering, Information Technology, or Architecture? There’s so much happening across the campus during O-Week and beyond that it can be hard to know where you should be and when.

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