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UQ Cyber Squad beats red herrings in Canberra competition

Two cyber security students, a political science brain and a latin-dancing criminology PhD candidate walked into a secure vault...

Keeping the crunch in low-fat chips

University of Queensland chemical engineers have developed a new method to analyse the physical characteristics of potato chips in a bid to develop a tastier low-fat snack.

Powering up her career

It's a long way from the high rises of Hong Kong to the rolling hills of Warwick, but that's the journey Engineering and Arts student Josephine Tuntomo has made.

Producing uniquely Australian foods

Thanks to a new collaboration involving researchers from across UQ, including chemical engineering researcher Professor Jason Stokes, Australian bush tucker could soon be found in kitchens around the world.

What you missed in Game of Thrones (from the woman who built Westeros)

You didn't see her on camera, but Australian Deborah Riley, who spent four seasons on Game of Thrones as a production designer, built some of the most iconic places in Westeros for HBO's television phenomenon.

Game of Thrones' Deborah Riley on building Westeros — and keeping its secrets

In a way, Game of Thrones ended two years ago for Deborah Riley. That's when she first found out the final twist of arguably the biggest show to ever grace television.

Figuring out fake news

The ability to determine what’s real and what’s fake online could soon become a little easier thanks to artificial intelligence systems and research developed at The University of Queensland.

UQ’s finest researchers awarded

UQ has shined a spotlight on its outstanding researchers at the 2019 Research Week Awards.

UQ civil engineers named among top global researchers

UQ's Professor CM Wang has been ranked among the best civil engineers in the world for his outstanding research.

3D super-resolution helping scientists take a closer look

Nanoscale microscopy, a tool relied on by scientists tackling tough health challenges, will be more accessible and affordable, thanks to a team of university researchers.

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