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New Chief Student Entrepreneur steps up to launch Ventures

UQ's new Chief Student Entrepreneur, Josh Tambunan, has his work cut out for him as he knuckles down for his final year of study toward a double degree in engineering and science.

QS Subject rankings: Mineral and Mining Engineering at UQ top 5 in world

Mineral and mining engineering at UQ is ranked 5 in the world, according to the latest international rankings survey.

Matrix could ensure vital copper supplies

Researchers have identified a matrix of risks that the mining industry must overcome to unlock vitally important copper reserves. Professor Rick Valenta said copper would be crucial in a renewable-powered future, but global supplies were far from guaranteed.

Outstanding teachers push learning forward

Associate Professor Chris Landorf has been recognised for her teaching excellence at UQ with a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

The fast and the studious

UQ Mechanical engineering student Harri Jones is quickly establishing himself as one of Queensland’s up-and-coming motorsport stars, while achieving outstanding results on his way to an engineering degree.

Science and Engineering Challenge returns to UQ

The STEM event of the year has returned to UQ in 2019, with over 600 students from 19 Brisbane high schools putting their best problem-solving minds to the test over three days of competition.

Africa’s emerging leaders in small-scale mining on CQ study tour

Australia’s world-leading expertise in small-scale mining is being showcased to 30 emerging leaders from the African mining sector as they visit the Gladstone and Emerald regions in Central Queensland.

Face recognition technology in classrooms is here - and that's ok

Face recognition technology uses a camera to capture a face and then matches this face against a database to determine identity. First, the face or faces must be detected and localised in the camera frame. Then, face images are aligned and rescaled to a standard size. Finally, these faces are matched against a database. Matching is almost invariably performed using artificial intelligence technology.

Chinese mega structure leaves civil engineering students in awe

UQ civil engineering students have returned from a two-week tour of China after experiencing one of the most prominent hydropower engineering sites in the world.

Researchers develop sharp solution for waste glass

A new process turning waste glass into every day products could save tens of millions of tonnes of glass from going to landfill every year.

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