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Something to tweet about | Visualising AI

Introducing Rockatoo. A socially intelligent ‘Mall Bot’ artfully answering the call for a new AI narrative ‘for good’.

New experimental chamber pathway to ground-breaking discoveries

It’s not easy to predict how rock will fracture when exposed to a blast hundreds of metres below the earth’s surface, but a piece of experimental equipment will take away the guess work for The University of Queensland’s blasting and fragmentation technology team.

Net Zero Australia study launches

A two-year collaboration has begun to analyse how Australia can achieve a net zero economy by 2050.

ART-ificial Intelligence: UQ scientists pair up with street artists as part of street-art festival

Three new murals by Australian street artists in collaboration with The University of Queensland (UQ) researchers will add colour to Brisbane’s streets in a globally unique art initiative as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival.

It’s crystal clear: crushed glass could save our sand

Crushed wine bottles and other recycled glass could replace sand in vital tunnelling supports, cutting construction costs and improving the sustainability of sand mining.

Hypersonix successfully demonstrates SPARTAN scramjet performance from Mach 5 to Mach 10

Hypersonix Launch Systems’ Australian produced SPARTAN fifth generation scramjet engine has demonstrated in a hypersonic shock tunnel that it can accelerate up to 10 times the speed of sound in real life flight conditions.

Fixing data gone wrong

The top 5 capabilities all businesses need to build an information resilience plan.

UQ leader recognised for shaping regional energy industries

The University of Queensland’s Centre for Natural Gas (CNG) has been recognised for its work in the energy sphere in regional communities.

The University of Queensland leads change in resources sector

Initiatives in engineering education and the research strengths of the University are helping Australian mining transition to a more sustainable world.

UQ’s new Chief Student Entrepreneur wants to make more startups sustainable

The University of Queensland’s new Chief Student Entrepreneur advocates for more sustainable startups by leading through example.

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