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UQ offers a mid-year (July) entry option for the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) for all students.

We have introduced a special course which runs over Semester 2 and Summer Semester. Taking this course will allow you to catch up with Semester 1 students and finish common engineering courses by the start of your second year,  joining the main cohort for most of your studies.

Some of the finer details: 

  • ENGG1211 (Engineering Design, Modelling and Problem Solving) runs over Semester 2 and Summer Semester, allowing students to finish common engineering courses by the start of their second year. 

  • Students must complete semesters consecutively, that is you commence in Semester 2 2020, and complete in Summer Semester 2020.

  • ENGG1211 is taken in place of ENGG1100 and ENGG1200.

Signing onto ENGG1211 Classes: 

Lectures Your lectures will take place online during the LEC1 class time. You do not need to sign into LEC1 as there is only one time and you must attend.

Workshops Your workshop will take online place during the WKS1 class time. You do not need to sign into WKS1 as there is only one time and you must attend.

Problem-Based Learning  Your project and team work will take place during the PRA1 class time.  You do not need to sign into PRA1 as there is only one time and you must attend.  External students will attend online.

Contact sessions are for English Second Language students and will be allocated in class.

Materials and Problem Solving Workshop

You will undertake online engineering material-based workshops and problem solving with ENGG1200 students.  You do not need to sign into PRA2 as there is one time and you must attend.

Download the 2020 Mid-year Entry Program Guide

If a commencing student is required to complete MATH1050, it should be taken in Semester 2  and MATH1051 should be taken in Summer Semester. MATH1052 may also be taken in Summer Semester (and may need to be taken to enable minimum-time completion of some majors).

  • Some majors may be able to be completed from a Semester 2 start without summer study. For more information, please contact an academic advisor.

  • Note: Chemical Engineering and related majors (i.e. dual majors with Chemical Engineering) cannot be completed in the minimum time (4 years) from a mid-year commencement unless you have studied high school Chemistry (achieved sound achievement or higher), as the high school Chemistry catch-up course (CHEM1090) is only available to study in Semester One. 

  • First year students in other UQ programs cannot transfer to the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) mid-year unless they already satisfied the entry requirements at the start of Semester One. As per QTAC requirements, Grade Point Averages (GPAs) can only be used in place of an OP score after at least one year of full-time tertiary studies has been undertaken. However, students may be eligible to apply to the Faculty to be added to a permission list for Engineering studies in Semester 2, before applying through QTAC for entry the following year.

For more information or help, please contact the First Year Engineering Learning Centre team:

Ms Lisa Deacon (Coordinator, First Year Student Experience) or Ms Sheryl Owens (Administrative Officer, First Year Student Experience)

  • E: Yr1eng@uq.edu.au
  • T: +61 (07) 3346 7881
  • First Year Learning Centre, Hawken Engineering Building (50-C201)

Details about the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) program, including course lists, majors, and rules, can be found here:

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