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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Meet Steven
Meet Steven
Meet Steven

What do you study?

I am currently studying Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

I chose the University of Queensland because of the distinguished reputation I knew it had. Knowing the diversity of courses that were offered was always intriguing to me as I was classically trained in the piano and studying here has allowed me to interact with people I might never have met outside of my discipline.

Why did you choose to study your discipline?

I decided to go into engineering because I was always passionate about the world around me and how I could influence it. I originally went into engineering because after enjoying maths at school I wanted to apply this interest in a practical way. Specifically, studying materials engineering was something I was always interested in, but never knew. I always loved observing microstructures in school and seeing how the world around me worked at the microscopic level and once I had finished my first year at university I discovered that materials science was a field that existed.

What advice do you have for prospective students interested in studying engineering, architecture, computer science and/or information technology at UQ?

While engineering can be a heavy workload and require a lot of dedication, the payoff is absolutely worth it because it is a fascinating degree to pursue and its applicability and diversity in any industry is extremely valuable.

What is your favourite place on campus?

This would be between either the Great Court or above Dorothy Hill Library, it is a great place to drink tea and have lunch while talking to colleagues during exam block.

What do you love most about your degree?

Being able to discuss the courses I am pursuing in an open discourse environment makes for intriguing conversations. Additionally, having consistently engaging and enjoyable lecturer’s makes the degree worth it as even though the content could get boring, the method that it is presented is always eye opening and new in its approach.

What has been your favourite moment while doing vacation work?

My favourite experience from completing vac work was seeing how different the industry is to university and how I was able to use what I had learnt at university to solve real world problems.

What makes you a great EAIT Student Ambassador?

I believe I make a good EAIT Student Ambassador because I have spent a lot of my time at university and within a range of clubs and doing many different activities. I have had personal experience in the industry and can offer advice to prospective students interested in the industry.