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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Meet Myrthe
Meet Myrthe
Meet Myrthe

What do you study?

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical and Aerospace and Arts in Political Science (International Relations)

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

I chose to study at UQ because it promised unique opportunities (like a dual degree in engineering/arts) not available anywhere else, and looking back there have been so many more opportunities than I ever expected. From Start-up Adventures to the freedom to pitch and work on real-world projects to now having the opportunity to build a rocket to reach space, all during my undergraduate degree! It’s the potential opportunities, combined with a great global network and renowned research that convinced me to pick UQ, and I haven’t regretted it since.

Why did you choose to study your discipline?

I have always loved everything space, but wasn’t exactly sure what I would like to be doing with that interest specifically. I did know that I liked solving complex problems and that engineering seemed like the perfect challenge. For me engineering in itself provides a unique approach to solving problems that are otherwise just far too large to even comprehend. From rocket (launches) to space stations, satellite networks and space exploration, I want to know how it works and how I can improve it, and I believe this degree gives me the tools to start doing exactly that.

What advice do you have for prospective students interested in studying engineering, architecture, computer science and/or information technology at UQ?

I would recommend clubs and societies and activities available and point them to attend events like market day. If you are interested in engineering, the flexible first year allows you to find out exactly what suits you best – and it might be different than what you expected (it was for me). Try out some new things, you get as much out of your degree as you put into it! I would highly encourage everyone to engage with all of the additional opportunities that you have while doing a degree in this faculty, there is so much more than just theory.

What is your favourite place on campus?

The UQ Space workshop of course! But also the Idea Hub, which is an awesome collaborative space in the Hawken Engineering Building, or the UQ Lakes, which is a great place to take a break from study for a bit.

What do you love most about your degree?

I love that it challenges me, that there is still so much left to discover, and I love that it has shown me completely new ways to approach problems! But I suppose that what I like most is that I can combine the skills learned in both my degrees, in a very practical (and sometimes incredible) hands-on way. Everything you learn becomes directly relevant one way or another and that keeps it very engaging. I get to be a part of shaping what the future can look like, and that’s amazing.

What makes you a great EAIT Student Ambassador?

I know what it’s like coming into engineering not being certain of anything: What major to pick? What to expect? Is it really what I want to do? But from that uncertainty I have learned of all the amazing opportunities that are available. From Student teams, to ventures, to societies, to the learning support that exists for first year courses to all the ins and outs of the St. Lucia campus – I know who to connect you to and how to get involved/find out more. I’ve also gone on an amazing start up adventure with UQ Ventures, run activities with Women in Engineering and have a started a student society. If there is anyone that can tell you about exactly what is possible at UQ it’s me!