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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

The Meet a Mentor Program is an exciting initiative for penultimate (students in the second last year of their university program) and final year engineering, architecture, and information technology students with established alumni and industry professionals.

The program aims to connect students with established alumni and industry professionals to motivate, encourage, empower and transform the next generation of professionals entering the industry.

Participating students are linked with mentors based on study discipline, shared interests, and career aspirations.

The program will assist students with their career development and transition from university into the workforce, engaging business professionals in a mutually beneficial partnership.

The Meet a Mentor Program runs from April to September annually.

Applications have now closed for 2018.

If you have any queries please contact the Meet a Mentor team via email: meetamentor@eait.uq.edu.au.

Download an overview of the Meet a Mentor 2018 Program

Our Meet a Mentor program is creating change

Vivian Looi

Chemical Engineering student

I was introduced to my mentor, Cathy and from the very first meeting I was inspired - inspired by her career, her life story and most of all with her positive attitude and confidence. I still remember walking away from our first meeting feeling like I could take on any difficulty.

As soon as Cathy found out my interest in the energy sector, she invited me to SPE luncheons, presentations and other events that would educate me and bring me in contact with the industry. She went out of her way to introduce me to her connections, allowing me to develop my networking skills. 

We went to many events, the most memorable event was the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) Conference where I was exposed to the latest technologies in the oil and gas industry.

Cathy also helped me with my career decisions and she believed in me, bringing out my self-confidence. Thanks to her support, by the end of my third year I had several work experience offers.  

My experience with this program has been nothing short of incredible. I met someone who inspired me, guided me and brought out the best in me. One day I’ll be a mentor too and then I hope to inspire and give as my mentor and this program has inspired and given to me.  

Catherine Urquhart

Bachelor of Engineering (1984)

Ever since I decided to do chemical engineering from 12 years of age, I have enjoyed speaking with others about engineering, helping them learn what they want to do and to follow their dreams.  As a mentor, I am given the opportunity to help mentees obtain opportunities and learn from my and others’ experiences.

I was matched through the mentoring program with Vivian, and ‘hats off’ to the person who organised the pairing!  I think ours has been a wonderful match for our values, personalities, experiences and interests seem very well aligned.

During the program, we had several one-on-one sessions and attended nine oil and gas industry and engineering events where I was able to introduce Vivian to my network of contacts. 

Vivian and I stayed in contact while she gained very interesting work experience in Adelaide and Brisbane. We’re also hoping Vivian will be able to visit my work-place, Nova Systems to view some virtual reality projects.

Through the program, both Vivian and I have been able to expand our own personal networks – meeting and befriending many inspirational and very kind people.