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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Meet Kumar
Meet Kumar
Meet Kumar

What do you study?

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronic Engineering.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

UQ is one the leading universities in the world, known for this world class facilities, labs, and teaching excellence. I chose UQ because of the university's partnerships which provide me with many opportunities to develop myself as an engineer and access leading resources. I also chose UQ for its beautiful campus and vibrant greenery all around.

Why did you choose to study your discipline?

I’ve always been fascinated by complex and autonomous machines, and have a desire to learn about how they work. Mechatronic engineering allows me to explore how autonomous machines work. The best part of my degree is being given opportunities to innovate and develop engineering solutions which have the potential to change the world.

What advice do you have for prospective students interested in studying engineering, architecture, computer science and/or information technology at UQ?

Get involved in the UQ community. Uni isn’t all about long hours spent studying; maintaining a social life is extremely important. Make sure you become part of the different clubs and societies UQ has on offer. Attend events, meet new people, and make most of the opportunities UQ offers.

What is your favourite place on campus?

My favourite place on campus is the Natural Amphitheatre near the UQ lakes. This is the where I get to catchup with my friends over coffee breaks and lunch meetups. This place allows me to take a break and enjoy the greenery, especially when spending long hours on campus studying.

What do you love most about your degree?

Engineering always challenges me to constantly think outside the box and develop new and innovate solutions to problems. It also allows me to see the world in a very different way to how others see it.

What has been your favourite moment while doing vacation work?

I have done vac work in the oil and gas industry. My favourite part of the experience was getting a chance to work on-site at a major natural gas facility in Gladstone, where I really got to experience how operations work, and how safety is just a big factor in the industry. I also enjoyed being given responsibility to work on some important safety related projects as part of my placement.

What makes you a great EAIT Student Ambassador?

I can say without a doubt being an Ambassador has been on the best experiences for me throughout my journey studying engineering. I love being a role model for others, and I love to help others by sharing my experiences.