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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Meet Harsha
Meet Harsha
Meet Harsha

What do you study?

I study Electrical and Biomedical Engineering.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

One of the most obvious reasons I chose to study at UQ was it’s incredibly high ranked engineering program, on top of that it gave me the opportunity to take study Electrical and Biomedical Engineering together. Furthermore, with UQ’s diverse Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) family seen at the High School Expos and Open Days that I attended when in high school, it gave me the assurance that I would fit in perfectly.

Why did you choose to study your discipline?

As a young kid in high school who was always fond of how the world ran with its state-of-the-art technologies and engineering disciplines, I was prone to discover more about engineering and pursue it. Furthermore, I was also inspired to learn more about the mechanisms and systems that were involved with the machinery behind medical devices that help patient’s day in day out. I always wondered how a device small as a screw, can help someone walk on their feet again. I have to admit, I wasn’t the brightest kid in school, but knew that Engineering can be convoluted at times. However, UQ pursued this inspiration and encouraged me to experience what is like in the real world to have many opportunities such as internships and exchange programs abroad which eventually fades away the tedious bits of the degree, making it an enjoyable experience.

What advice do you have for prospective students interested in studying engineering, architecture, computer science and/or information technology at UQ?

My fundamental tip for a prospective student interested in joining the EAIT family at UQ would be to balance and diversify your experiences academically and professionally. From a personal experience, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of student associated clubs that enhanced my networking and communication skills which allowed me to acquire the skills to diversify my learning. For many students in the EAIT family, their specialisation for the future is uncertain at many points of their journey at UQ, hence I highly recommend taking many electives that interest you and see what that can offer you. For a professional side, I would advise you to apply the same principles for internships or volunteering experiences. Once, you are exposed to the endless amount of experiences that the EAIT family at UQ can offer and be a part of the UQ pride, I assure you, you will have a memorable journey!

What is your favourite place on campus?

Hands down, The Great Court. This place is arguably my favourite place on campus. Why? Whenever you feel tired from studies and work, you can just chill here with couple of your mates. Whenever you can’t stand the silence in the library, but want a nature’s touch when studying, you can study at The Great Court wherever you want.

What do you love most about your degree?

When I first graduated high school, I didn’t know much of what I was going to do, I was interested in both Medicine and Engineering wanting to revolutionising the field in a way that helps people for years to come via technology. Fortunately, I found Biomedical Engineering to be the one. Enrolling at UQ with Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering meant that I could study and work at the intersections of both engineering and medicine. Therefore, by adapting to many career pathways and directions, I developed a huge interest in studying Biomedical Engineering at UQ. Many people imagine hard hats, bridges and wires when they think of engineering, but there’s so much more to it and so many pathways exist, and this made me more fascinated to study my chosen degree. Varying from laboratories at UQ to global exchanges at different nations around the world, there are many things I love most about my degree, however, if I have to choose one then it would be the connections I made and the experience I achieved with the opportunities provided by UQ.

What makes you a great EAIT Student Ambassador?

As an EAIT Student Ambassador, I get to deliver relatable experiences and prominent insights to prospective students joining the EAIT family. From a personal point of view, I understand how different the transition can be from your high school life to university life. My role allows me to provide reassurance and inspiration to many young bright students who are ready to join the EAIT family at UQ.