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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Meet Amy
Meet Amy
Meet Amy

What do you study?

Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

I chose to study at The University of Queensland, because UQ is the whole package. Amazing student life on campus. Leading edge resources and facilities. The opportunities made available for us students. The community itself – it’s very diverse and welcoming. UQ’s challenge to Create Change – we are the future and the change on the world.

Why did you choose to study your discipline?

I chose to study civil and environmental engineering because I have a passion for the environment, culture, design and innovation. Having travelled to various countries, I have always loved seeing the unique structural design of buildings and skylines, and how these designs are related and influenced by the culture, environment, community, and social aspect of that country. Each building design tell a unique story!

What advice do you have for prospective students interested in studying engineering, architecture, computer science and/or information technology at UQ?

My advice for prospective students interested in studying EAIT at UQ is to go for it, even if they’re not feeling 100% about it! Explore it, learn more about it and give it a chance. I highly recommend attending UQ Open Day as it’ll provide a better exploration of the degrees offered at UQ, where the degree can take you and wander around the luscious campus.

What is your favourite place on campus?

I have two favourite places on campus. UQ lakes and the outside area of Level 6 of Advanced Engineering Building. The view of UQ lakes is serene with the Advanced Engineering Building behind it. Whilst the view on Level 6 is phenomenal as you get to see the city skyline and UQ lakes, extra stunning during golden hour.

What do you love most about your degree?

What I love most about my degree is that it’s my journey and it’s unique to me. So, everything, because each thing has a ripple effect. Every class, every experience and every opportunity I’ve taken has changed and is continually changing my life.

What makes you a great EAIT Student Ambassador?

My personality and my passion! I’ve got high energy and enthusiasm everywhere I go. I love talking and getting to know people. I like to be relatable and personable as a person. Being an EAIT student ambassador last year allowed me to explore EAIT and allowed me to see my passion in engineering. I look forward to doing it all again and inspiring the future and current students about engineering, as much as this role has done for me.