The Faculty of
Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Our ambition is to make a transformational impact on our region, and the world.

Global population growth, coupled with increasing demands on the world's resources, are leading to significant challenges in areas such as sustainable energy, secure food supply, safe water sources, affordable shelter, and the development of healthy, prosperous cities.

Solutions to these wicked challenges must transcend traditional boundaries. Creative problem solving – through great engineering, design and technology means faculties like ours have an increasingly vital role to play in the world’s future.

Put simply, we must ensure Queensland – a subtropical climate and environment that is massively important to the future of the world’s growing population - has a world-class university providing engineering, design and technology solutions that continue to make a difference to us all.

5 Initiatives

  1. World Class Learning and Research Environments

It is imperative we develop world-class learning and research environments to attract and support more of the world’s finest minds to focus on the wicked challenges that face our world

  1. The Power of Education

Ensuring the fullest development of our graduates as future leaders regardless of background

  1. Sustaining Student Success

Developing an understanding of the business environment for modern engineers will create graduates who can lead teams that make better informed and timely decisions

  1. A Culture of Innovation

We aim to enhance a culture that fosters the creation and flourishing of brilliant ideas, which translate into solutions that matter

  1. Research Impact

Leading change in both education and research for a better world