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Majella Cassidy
Majella Cassidy
Meet Majella Cassidy

What do you study?

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (honours)

What/who inspired you to choose engineering?

I loved maths in high school! After consulting google on what careers use maths, engineering was a top hit. I decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did!

Why did you choose the discipline you are studying?

I always knew I wanted to use my engineering skills to contribute to positive change. After traveling to Europe, I was amazed at the incredible renewable energy technologies they were using. This trip opened my eyes to the huge potential for change here in Australia. Mechanical engineers are highly sought after in the energy generation industry, I so decided to major in mechanical. I hope to help Australia move towards more sustainable energy solutions in my career.

What is one thing about university or engineering that you wished you knew earlier?

I wish I knew how broad it is! Engineers are needed in so many different and sometimes surprising places. It is definitely not the cookie cutter degree and career I thought I was getting myself into. The opportunities are only limited by your determination and imagination.

What made you pick engineering at the University of Queensland over other universities?

UQ has incredible facilities and support for students! Their degree is in-depth and hands on and the academics are first class, highly experienced industry professionals.

Your best tip for first-year engineering students?

Do not over think things! As hard as it may be, just go with the flow. You’ll find your classes, you’ll meet friends, you’ll figure out how to submit assignments. Everything will work out in time! And if not, there’s always someone willing to help you.

Your favourite example of amazing engineering?

I was lucky enough to be employed as an undergraduate engineer for an energy company over my last summer holidays. As part of this, I was able to visit the largest power station in Queensland. It was INCREDIBLE! I have never seen anything so complex, working so seamlessly.

Dream engineering job when you graduate?

Any job in energy generation!

What do you hope to achieve as a WE student leader?

I hope to inspire and support fellow females. I know for me, support from other female engineering students has helped me immensely throughout my degree. This is something I would feel privileged to give back to other women in engineering.