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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

The EAIT Leadership and Mentoring Program (LaMP) is a signature experience where students will develop their leadership and mentoring capabilities whilst learning how to drive innovation and change.

In 2020, the Leadership and Mentoring Program (LaMP) will be offered to all students in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT), including those completing dual programs.

The program content will be delivered using a blended learning approach which incorporates online modules, workshops and self-reflection activities.

This extra-curricular program will cover key leadership themes and consists of three components:

1. Completion of three online modules (approx. 3hrs work each);
2. Attendance at at a leadership event (via Zoom, 2 hrs); and,
3. Attendance at a three day residential program (23-25 Nov 2020)

The EAIT LaMP 2020 is free for EAIT students. This includes transport, accommodation, and meals for the residential program. The residential program will be held at Gatton Campus; and will be available only to students who successfully complete parts 1 and 2 above.

  • Sep to Nov 2020: Online modules
  • 23-25 Nov 2020: Workshop and residential program

Express your interest via a short application.

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Ms Angela Bushell
e: a.bushell@uq.edu.au