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25 November 2020 12:00pm to 1:00pm


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Alumni, industry and friends of UQ are invited to watch the Leaders of Influence Webinar: 'Assessing fire safety of timber: A 21st century building material'.

Watch: Assessing Fire Safety of Timber - A 21st Century Building Material webinar

Timber is a sustainable construction material with a strong connection to Australia’s culture and economy. It has a wide range of uses from critical infrastructure and low-rise dwellings to large office buildings. Due to it being a combustible material, timber is often associated with large conflagrations of the past, yet is already sometimes referred to as the material of the 21st century.

Hosted by the School of Civil Engineering, this webinar showcases the state of the art fire safety research of timber products, unravels some myths about the fire performance of wood products and discusses the challenges arising from building with timber. This live webinar features UQ’s Dr Felix Wiesner, who has been involved in large scale timber fire research in multiple countries. 

About the presenter

Dr. Felix Wiesner

Dr. Felix Wiesner obtained his PhD in structural fire engineering from the University of Edinburgh before joining UQ to research the interface between timber durability and fire performance. As a member of the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life he works closely with wood scientists to advance our knowledge about the resilience of timber in the context of fire safety. His research is driven by the combination of bench and large-scale experiments and his career has been defined by the search for improved and simplified experimental techniques for fire safety.

For his current position as Lecturer in Timber Engineering, Felix is building a research group to investigate and optimise the effect of timber treatments and the targeted selection of native Australian wood species, both for decay resistance and fire retardancy, on the design life of timber.

Past research highlights include the assessment of structural stability of buildings after a fire has decayed, and the determination of the influence of adhesive types on the load bearing capacity of structures in fire.