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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

9 July 2020 11:00am to 12:00pm


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Why is advanced environmental monitoring so important to civil engineering, and how are we preparing now to meet our future monitoring needs?

Watch: Advanced environmental monitoring for the 21st century webinar

Join us for the third event of our Leaders of Influence Webinar series: 'Advanced environmental monitoring for the 21st Century '.

Hosted by the School of Civil Engineering, and featuring Dr Alistair Grinham, we will explore recent advances in monitoring, demonstrate their application, and answer all of your questions about the challenges on the frontier of environmental monitoring.

About Dr Alistair Grinham

Dr Alistair Grinham who has been at the forefront of environmental monitoring for over 15 years. Alistair holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering and works closely with industry, state and federal governments as well as international bodies including Solomon Islands National Government, United Nations Development Programme and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He provides advice and develops data driven decision-making systems to support a diverse range of environmental engineering challenges ranging from minimising mining impacts to developing a world’s first methane monitoring robot for inland waters.

In his current role as a research fellow in the School of Civil Engineering, Alistair is leading the development of novel monitoring systems to improve global accounting of flooded land greenhouse gas emissions, better quantify sedimentation risk of reservoirs and support development of the blue economy by embedding autonomy in offshore operations. Past research highlights include discovering a “Sharkcano” in Solomon Islands as well as the first scientific evidence confirming numerous anecdotal accounts across the Pacific of the dramatic impacts of sea-level rise on coastlines and people.