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There are a range of support services and programs available within the Faculty, and across UQ, to help support your mental and physical wellbeing, help with your studies, and connect you with other students.

We also encourage you to explore myUQ, and the UQ Ask App. The answer to almost every question you will have during your time at UQ can be found here.

  • Course Coordinator: Each course has a designated Course Coordinator. This is the academic responsible for running a particular course (subject). Where you can’t find the information/support that you require via the other materials below, this is the person you should get in touch with. Their contact details will be in the electronic course profile.
  • Electronic Course Profile: At the start of the semester, the course coordinator will provide details about how the course will run in the electronic course profile. This will include details about how the assessment (including due dates) is structured; and how to get in contact with the course coordinator and other teaching staff. If you have a question about how the course will run, check here first.
  • Course Blackboard page: This is the course website. This is where teaching staff in the course will post resources such as lecture notes, lab materials, and tutorial activities. Details about what is happening in the course will frequently be posted to the announcements page (and often sent to your student email as well), and you should check here daily during semester.
  • Scheduled class times: It is strongly encouraged to ask questions to lecturers and tutors (particularly those related to academic material) during your scheduled classes.
  • Online forums and discussion boards: Most courses will have an online forum or discussion board where you can post and respond to questions. Depending on the course, these may be in Blackboard, Piazza, Slack, Discord. Check the course profile, blackboard and listen during the first week of class: your course coordinator will explain where this will be setup.
  • What to do if you are sick?: If you are sick (or there other circumstances outside your control which mean you will miss class or assessment), there are things you can do to keep up to date (or catch up) your studies:
    • Sections 5 and 6 of the course profile will provide details of what you need to do to if you need to apply for an extension to an assessment due date, or for a deferred exam. If you are having trouble with this process, you can get in touch with the School that manages the course.
    • If you miss classes, you will need to catch up on those course materials. Many class activities like lectures are routinely recorded, and many tutorial style activities have detailed notes/slides/solutions. As such, you will be able to simply access these on the course blackboard page. If materials aren't routinely posted, or the activity can only be done in a particular setting (i.e. a laboratory experiment), you can get in touch with the course coordinator to find out what options you have for catching up the work.

Academic advisors can help you choose your courses and plan the enrolment for your degree with consideration to:

  • Your career goals and interests
  • Your academic interests
  • High school subjects or previous university courses that you have completed

They may also be able to answer academic questions about:

  • Whether or not to withdraw from a course during a semester, and the consequences it may have for your future study
  • Choosing an appropriate study load if you have significant responsibilities outside of your university commitments
  • Changing your program (degree) including adding or removing a dual degree

Full details of academic advisors can be located on the Faculty academic advice page.

The Faculty office is responsible for administering your program (degree).

They can assist you with queries about:

  • Changing the degree you are enrolled in (i.e. adding or removing a dual degree)
  • Changing your study load (for example, reducing from the typical four course (#8) per semester study load)
  • Deferring or interrupting your studies
  • Applying for credit from tertiary studies you have completed at another institution
  • Questions about the rules for the program you are enrolled in
  • Other general enquiries when you are not sure who to ask


School offices are responsible for administering courses. They can assist you:

  • If you are having difficulties enrolling in a course
  • With requests for deferred assessment (i.e. if you are sick and can’t sit/complete an assessment item)
  • If you are having trouble contacting the course coordinator for a particular course; or you want to discuss an aspect of the course with someone other than the course coordinator
  • You may be referred here by your course coordinator for particular administrative enquiries.

The Schools within the Faculty of Engineering Architecture and Information Technology:


Student Services provides a range of free services to support you during your time at UQ. If you need help with a problem that is not related to your degree, or academic studies, this is often the first place to go.

They provide:

  • Counselling and mental health support
  • Accommodation
  • Diversity, Disability and Inclusion
  • Support for international, interstate and other students moving to Brisbane
  • Faith
  • Financial support

For further details, visit the UQ Student Services page.

The UQ Student Union provide free, independent, short-term support services for all UQ students.

They can provide you with assistance on matters relating to the following services:

  • Academic Advocacy and Support
  • Job Preparation
  • Legal
  • Proof Readers List
  • Visa
  • Welfare and Wellbeing

For more details visit UQ Supporting U

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