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Frances Wong
Frances Wong

Meet Frances

Fifth Year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Software, Bachelor of Mathematics

What/who inspired you to choose engineering?

I’ve always loved logic puzzles and solving problems so engineering seemed like the perfect fit.

Why did you choose the specialisation you are studying?

I started uni having never written a line of code, but really enjoyed the introductory software engineering courses I took in my first year and took it from there.

What is one thing about university or engineering that you wished you knew earlier?

You can start your professional practice as early as you like. So many companies are happy to have you on board for your potential and you’ll learn everything on the job.

What made you pick engineering at the University of Queensland over other universities?

UQ has a reputation as the best in Queensland and I knew I would get the perfect balance of learning the engineering theory and getting hands-on practical experience.

Your best tip for first-year engineering students?

Go on exchange if you can! It is such a great experience and one that you’ll be unlikely to get once you graduate.

Your favourite example of amazing engineering?

The Internet!

Dream engineering job when you graduate?

I’m on track to graduate at the end of this year and am still not sure what I want to do but I am keen to work overseas, and I know that my engineering degree will give me a great foundation for whatever job I end up in.

What do you hope to achieve as a WE student leader?

I hope to encourage a more diverse range of minds to pursue careers in engineering and to support them through their degree when they do.