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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

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School of Civil Engineering

3 June 2019 8:00am to 4 June 2019 5:00pm


The University of Queensland, St Lucia campus.


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This course is for people with an interest in developing an understanding of the principles of hydraulic engineering of fish-friendly standard box culverts and performing hydraulic calculations. The general principles of basic open channel flow hydraulics are reviewed and their application to standard box culverts is discussed. The focus of the course is on the design of fish-friendly standard box culverts, capable to assist upstream passage of small-body Australian native fish species at less than design flows.

This is a hands-on course with lecture material supported by practical applications, worked examples and laboratory exercises such as physical experiments and an introduction to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) numerical modelling. This course is presented by world-leading experts in hydraulic engineering of culverts.

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Issues addressed

Review of basic principles of open channel hydraulics (2.5 hours)

  • Conservation of mass, momentum and energy and the Bernoulli principle 

  • Open channel hydraulics of short, frictionless transitions

  • Specific energy and critical flow conditions

  • Hydraulic jump and energy dissipation

  • Flow resistance calculations and uniform equilibrium flow in channels

Hydraulic engineering of fish-friendly standard box culverts (4.5 hours)

  • Current hydraulic engineering design practice

  • Fish passage requirements for culverts

  • Less-than-design flow calculations with outlet control

  • Application of fish-friendly designs, methodology and design guidelines

Laboratory practicals

  • Advanced Engineering Building Hydraulics Laboratory culvert experiments (3 hours)

  • Computational fluid dynamics numerical modelling of box culvert barrel flows (2 hours)

What to expect?

  • Access to world leading experts in hydraulic engineering of culverts 

  • Real Australian case studies and examples

  • Two half-day sessions in a world-leading hydraulics laboratory

  • Hardcopy course notes and USB

Who should attend?

Environmental scientists, biologists and engineers who wish to gain some knowledge and expertise in basic hydraulic engineering of fish-friendly standard box culverts.

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Selina Weller
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