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Radar and Electronic Warfare - CPD Only

Based on RF & Communication Technologies, this course covers radar fundamentals including the radar range equation, RCS, Bayesian detection involving the probability of detection and probability of false alarms, pulsed Doppler radars and digital frequency techniques for Doppler filtering, CW radars, radar hardware, antennas, transmitters, receivers using matched filtering techniques. Airborne, low, medium and high PRF modes are all treated in the presence of clutter. Pulse compression techniques and radar waveforms are discussed from an ambiguity function point of view. Tracking radars and SAR are also introduced.

Electronic Warfare (EW) involves defeating the radar and subsequently defeating the countermeasures. The three main components are: electronic support, electronic attack and electronic protection. Topics include: Electronic intelligence, signal interception and search procedures, models for various jamming techniques, decoys, gate stealing and deception techniques, low probability of intercept techniques involving phased arrays, RCS reduction and other design strategies.

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Date: TBC (January 2017)

Venue: TBC

    Course Coordinator: Dr Nick Shuley

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