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Flotation Plant Optimisation - Understanding the Chemistry - Brisbane

Froth flotation has been widely applied in many disciplines to separate particles based on the difference in their surface properties. It provides an economical method for the recovery of valuable materials and plays an important role in the extraction of mineral resources.

In froth flotation, chemical processes including mineral oxidation and activation, oxidation and passivation of grinding media, collector oxidation and adsorption, mineral depression and dispersion as well as frothing and bubble size reduction all are of vital importance in particular when low quality ores are treated and low quality and saline water is used. Unfortunately, these aspects are often ignored and are poorly understood in higher education and industry practice. In fact, simple tools can be used to identify chemistry problems during grinding and flotation. Correcting the chemistry can be easy without major capital investment but may significantly improve the industry practice.

This workshop brings together industry and academic experts to share experience in optimising flotation plants through chemistry and will cover the following topics:

  • Flotation chemistry and tools used to characterise plant chemistry
  • Improving plant performance by optimising grinding chemistry
  • Improving plant performance by optimising frother chemistry
  • Physical and practical aspects of managing froth in plants
  • Improving plant performance by modifying particle interactions
  • Flotation plant performance-chemical and physical considerations for optimisation
  • Diagnosis of specific cases from attendees  

This workshop is designed for metallurgists, geologists, mining engineers and geometallurgists working in the mining industry. Other staff from exploration, engineering, consulting companies and research organisations can also gain benefit from attending.

This course is next scheduled for Ocotber 2017. For further course information, and/or to register your interest and join the waitlist contact us at cpd@eait.uq.edu.au. Dates for the next available courses can be found via the Upcoming Course list.