EAIT Executive Education

Antenna Design - CPD Only

This 5-day short course will cover the fundamental properties of antennas and classification of antenna types, radiation formulations involving auxiliary potential functions.

Topics covered: Linear wire antennas dipoles, loops and similar elements on ground-planes; array theory encompassing both linear and planar elements including design, construction and maintenance; specialized synthesis of arrays including the Dolph-Tschebycheff Array and limiting case of the Hanson-Woodyard criteria; mutual coupling, its formulation and its effects on antennas; scanned arrays; continuous synthesis methods including the Woodward-Lawson and Taylor line source synthesis methods; broadband matching techniques; ultrawide-band and travelling wave antennas; rectangular and conical horn design and other simple aperture antennas; simple microstrip antenna models and miniaturization limits; reflector antennas, antenna measurements.

This course is designed for persons who work with or who wish to learn more about modelling and designing antennas. Typically, this includes RF, microwave, radar engineers, EMI/EMC engineers and telecommunications hardware engineers. The course begins with a substantial refresher of undergraduate electromagnetics commencing with Maxwell’s equations and basic antenna nomenclature including numerical methods that form the basis of the many computer packages available for antenna design. The course treats, in some detail, most of the common types of antennas including wire, aperture and reflector antennas. Antenna arrays are given wide coverage including beam synthesis techniques. A section on antenna measurements concludes the course. At the conclusion of the course, the attendee should be able to understand the concepts and models used in modern antenna design and also be able to apply these to engineering problems.

This course is TBC January 2017, and will be held at the St Lucia campus, venue TBC. For further course information, and/or to register your interst and join the waitlist contact us at cpd@eait.uq.edu.au.