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Esandi Kalugalage
Esandi Kalugalage

Meet Esandi

Second Year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical

What/who inspired you to choose engineering?

I’ve always been interested in maths, science, and coding while in high school, but didn’t really know what career opportunities could come out of it. After attending a few STEM camps and hearing some amazing engineers speak about their profession, I realised engineering was exactly what I’d been searching for!

Why did you choose the specialisation you are studying?

Power is used in every single facet of modern life, and our lives would be unthinkable if we didn’t have electricity generated, transmitted, and delivered to our hands – this importance of power made me drawn to study Electrical Engineering. I knew this was the right choice after really enjoying a first year course about electrical systems. I also loved a first year course introducing me to coding and computer systems, so I decided to also study a minor in Data Science.

What is one thing about university or engineering that you wished you knew earlier?

Studying with friends or in a group will make university life so much easier! Getting involved in clubs and societies, networking events and external programs will also make university life much more rounded and enriching.

What made you pick engineering at the University of Queensland over other universities?

I attended a few events at UQ since early high school where I was drawn to the beautiful campus and inspiring people I met. Later, when researching universities for Engineering, I learnt about the world-class facilities, education, and student support they provide.

Your best tip for first-year engineering students?

Don’t worry too much about the little things in first year and try to have fun! Remember that most of your cohort is in the same boat as you regarding courses and studying, so try to help each other out and share your worries.

Your favourite example of amazing engineering?

Using wave energy to produce sustainable electricity! I always thought solar and wind energy could be the only viable sources for clean electricity until I heard about engineers in Tasmania using the pressure of waves to create airflow in a chamber and consequently turn a generator to create electricity. Researchers also say the amount of wave energy washing up on coastlines around the world amounts to more than double what the world needs in terms of electricity. Hopefully, we’ll see wave energy take off in the near future!

Dream engineering job when you graduate?

I’d like to work at one of Australia’s power companies as a power engineer and handle the generation, transmission, and usage of electricity.

What do you hope to achieve as a WE student leader?

I hope to connect with female students and let them know what an impactful and diverse career they can have as an engineer. I also hope to provide them with a really positive experience with first year engineering and support them through university life!