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Engineering Futures Evening 2016

The annual Engineering Futures Evening event aims to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Our 2016 guest speakers certainly inspired everyone in the room as they shared their personal journey to engineering. Thank you to Claudia Vickers (AIBN), Rhianna Ferguson (Boeing), Samantha Lichter (Cochlear Ltd) and Anna Emmerson (Google) for joining us.

The attendees posed some great questions to our presenters and we've collated some of their answers to your questions!

Check out the photos from the event on our Facebook page, as well as photos from the 2015 event.

Engineering Futures Evening 2017

Save the date - Thursday 20 July 2017!

Engineering Futures Evening for regional students

If you live outside of Brisbane, there is still an opportunity to attend this event. Check out the WE Explore Engineering Regional Schools event for further information. 


For further information, please contact:

UQ Women in Engineering

Engineering Futures Evening 2016

Thursday, 20 July, 2017