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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


Established in 2011, the annual Engineering Class Gift initiative is an important avenue for graduating students to recognise the opportunities that they have benefited from at UQ and to 'pay these forward' to the next generation of UQ students.

You may have heard of the previous Engineering Class Gifts, which together have raised almost $35,000 from more than 500 donations to improve the UQ engineering student experience.

This year, the goal is to raise $6,000 to add an element of fun and competition to student life on campus by purchasing outdoor ping-pong tables to be installed in the UQ engineering precinct. With the support of your donation, this will be a great addition for engineering students where fun times and friendly competition can be shared for years to come!

We hope that you will join us in making your donation today!

Your 2019 Class Gift Committee members leading this project are:

  • Harry Digby (Mechanical Engineering - UQ EUS)
  • Daniel McEniery (Chemical Engineering - UQ ChESS)
  • Jeffery Buckler (Mining Engineering - MAMA)
  • Tara O’Kane (Software Engineering – UQ EUS)
  • Isabella Foldvary (Civil Engineering – UQ CESA)
  • Aidan Malone (Electrical Engineering – UQ EBESS)

If you would like more information on the Class Gift, please contact Alumni & Community Engagement, at alumni@eait.uq.edu.au or one of your Class Gift Committee members. 

We look forward to your involvement in this exciting tradition!