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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Program course lists change from time to time. Students should follow the official course list from the year they entered their program but may choose to follow the official course list from a later year if they wish. Course discontinuations may mean that students are unable to follow a previously published course list. In this case transition arrangements will be put in place. If your circumstances are not covered in the transition arrangements below then please seek advice from the EAIT Faculty office.

Transition Arrangements 2018

Students who commenced BE(Hons) in Mining Engineering or Mining & Geotechnical Engineering prior to 2018

  • MINE2123 (Structural Mechanics for Mining) will be discontinued from 2020. Students who have not completed MINE2123 must complete MINE2107 (Mining Data Analytics) instead. See full transition and study plan information through the link on the 2019 course list.
  • MINE4121 (Mine Management) has been discontinued from 2018. Students who have not completed MINE4121 must complete ENGG4900 (Professional Practice and the Business Environment) instead.

Students who commenced BE(Hons) in Software Engineering prior to 2018

ENGG2800 (Team Project I) and ENGG3800 (Team Project II) have been replaced in the BE(Hons)(Software Engineering) list by DECO3800 (Design Computing Studio 3 - Proposal) and DECO3801 (Design Computing Studio 3 - Build). Students who commenced the BE(Hons)(Software Engineering) prior to 2018 may choose to follow the old course list or the new course list or a combination as follows:

  • Students must complete at least one of ENGG2800 or DECO3800
  • Students must complete at least one of ENGG3800 or DECO3801 or ENGG4810

Students who commenced the BE(Hons) in Software Engineering from 2018 or later must complete DECO3800 and DECO3801.