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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

EAIT Faculty fosters a culture of connectivity and support for our researchers throughout all stages of their careers.

The EAIT Early to Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) Community connects and supports early and mid-career academics in the Faculty.

The community is lead by the Executive Committee who provide EMCRs with a platform to network, learn and develop. The committee hosts professional development workshops and networking events, and facilitate collaboration opportunities for the community. They also provide an initial point of contact for the community.

Join the EAIT-EMCR Community

It is free for all EAIT early and mid-career researchers to join the EMCR community. We also welcome non-academic and non-research appointments, such as research assistants and teaching-only academics.

To join the community, email the executive committee at eait-emcr@uq.edu.au. You will be subscribed to the EMCR email list, and will be updated on upcoming events and opportunities.

Executive Committee

Being a member of the executive committee offers a valuable opportunity to extend your skills to financial management, event management and community development. 

Only contracted employees of the Faculty are eligible for nomination. Individuals may self-nominate or be nominated by another person. Current members of the executive committee will vote on the election of new members.

To nominate yourself or another researcher, email the executive committee at eait-emcr@uq.edu.au.

  • Dr Anand Veeraragavan

    Dr Anand Veeraragavan

    Senior Lecturer
    School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

  • Dr Luigi Vandi

    Dr Luigi Vandi

    Research Fellow
    School of Chemical Engineering

  • Dr Mahshid Firouzi

    Dr Mahshid Firouzi

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    School of Chemical Engineering

  • Dr Tim Huelsen

    Dr Tim Huelsen

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Advanced Water Management Centre

  • Dr Heather Shewan

    Dr Heather Shewan

    Research Fellow
    School of Chemical Engineering

  • Dr Chih-Ling Jenny Lin

    Dr Chih-Ling Jenny Lin

    Research Fellow
    School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Media Manager
Dr Noni Creasey

Dr Noni Creasey

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of Chemical Engineering

  • Dr Johanna Carvajal Gonzalez

    Dr Johanna Carvajal Gonzalez

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Representative for School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE)

  • Dr Mingyuan Lu

    Dr Mingyuan Lu

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Representative for School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

  • Dr Alistair Grinham

    Dr Alistair Grinham

    Senior Research Fellow
    Representative for School of Civil Engineering

  • Dr Tuan Nguyen

    Dr Tuan Nguyen

    Research Fellow
    Representative for School of Chemical Engineering

Coming up

Please stay tune for more upcoming events.

Past events

EMCR Symposium 2018

When: 1:00pm - 6:00pm, Friday 20 July
Where: Room 360, Physiology Lecture Theatres (63)

We are inviting the Early to Mid-Career researchers of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology to share your knowledge and skills, connect with others, and boost your research potential via 3MT-style presentations.


EAIT-EMCR Targeted Workshop on Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships

When: 1:30-3:00pm, Friday 22 June 2018
Where: 47A-141

Event details: The EAIT EMCR committee is excited to offer its inaugural Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships Workshop. This workshop aims to provide both an overview of this scheme and specific examples of how to strategically identify opportunities to make an application, specific to EAIT researchers. The structure will include talks from Dr. Brad Scholz (Qld Govt), Dr. Anand Veeraragavan (current AQRF) followed by panel discussion and Q&A with Dr. Scholz, select AQRFs and EAIT/UQ R&I staff. Following this workshop, we will be asking for interested applicants to sign-up to our mentoring programme to be supported by current Advance Queensland Research Fellows at UQ in fine-tuning their applications, keeping in mind that this scheme is very different from the typical ARC type of research applications. Light afternoon tea will be provided after workshop.


Early Career Academic Q&A Panel / Development Workshop (Facilitated by Jodee Allanson)

When: 9:30-12:00, Monday 25 June 2018
Where: 50-C207

Event details: The EAIT-EMCR Committee, in partnership with Organisational Development, has developed a 3-hour workshop based on the ECA Development Program focussed on the needs of EAIT postdocs. Joining you for this special EAIT event will be Dr. Karen Steel, Prof. Peter Halley, Dr. Liza O’Moore, and Prof. Joe Shapter. Through the experiences of this panel of academic leaders, you will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Appraisals and promotions
  • Teaching
  • Career planning and strategies
  • Work-life balance / wellbeing
  • Leadership and management styles
  • Professional networking
  • Funding and tenders
  • Shadow CVs / resilience

We are also including a morning tea and opportunities to network with the panellists and researchers from across the faculty.

Take the opportunity to ask those questions that have been simmering on the back of your mind and develop your academic career!


Adopting a Balanced Approach to Leadership

When: 10:30am - 12pm, Thursday 16 November
Where: Room T203, Hawken Engineering Building (50)

Kristyn Haywood, Director of People for Success, joins us to provide an inspiring workshop, where you will learn a balanced approach to leadership. This workshop will put you ahead as a top, innovative research leader


EAIT Researchers Social & Networking Event

When: 3:30pm - 5:30pm August 18 2017
Where: Room 313A, Advanced Engineering Building (49)

Do you wonder about the research going on around you? Who is in the office next door, and what cool facilities are downstairs? The best way to find out is, of course, to have a conversation! The EAIT Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCRs) Committee decided we would like to get to know more of you so join us for a drink and meet some of the EMCRs from around the faculty.

Executive Dean Professor Simon Biggs will give a short presentation about EAIT and how EMCRs fit in, followed by a quick introduction of the newly formed EAIT EMCR Committee by Co-Chair Dr Luigi Vandi. Then, it’s up to us to enjoy the food, drinks, and social/networking activities!

EMCRs are invited from across EAIT, including:

  • Advanced Water Management Centre
  • Centre for Coal Seam Gas
  • School of Architecture
  • School of Chemical Engineering
  • School of Civil Engineering
  • School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
  • School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

As this is a social event, feel free to invite a friend.


Building Bridges: Engaging Industry in Research Projects

When: 2pm - 4pm June 8 2017
Where: Room T203, Hawken Engineering Building (50)


  • Bronwyn Laycock, DOW Centre
  • Andrew Garnett, Centre for Coal Seam Gas
  • David K. Martin, AusIndustry – Innovation Connections
  • Ashok Mishra, ConocoPhillips
  • Michael Heitzmann, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

A panel of successful academics with strong links to industry as well as industry representation came together to discuss examples regarding how they got started, what worked well, what aspects could have been improved, and their achievements. The panel discussion concluded by an interactive Q&A session.


Time Management Workshop

When: January 24th 2017, 14:00-15:30 in the level 5 seminar room of the Advanced Engineering Building.
Where: Seminar Room, Level 5, Advanced Engineering Building (49)

The EMCR Committee, in collaboration with the UQ Organisation Development Unit, presents the first seminar for 2017: “Time Management Workshop.”

The Organisational Development Unit along with interns from the Master of Organisational Psychology program have designed a fun and interactive session on time management for Early Career Researchers (ECRs). At the session you will learn practical, evidence based strategies to manage your time effectively. The key objectives of the session are:

  • Support you to effectively manage your time as an ECR.
  • Provide proven and effective evidence based time management models and theories as they relate to your role as an ECR.
  • Provide practical strategies, tips and techniques to effectively manage your time.
  • Provide opportunities to engage and participate in a range of fun, relevant and interesting learning activities.


How to translate your ideas into a grant proposal

When: 2:00pm - 3:30pm September 29 2016
Where: AIBN Seminar Room

The School of Chemical Engineering would like to invite you to a session entitled "How to translate your ideas into a grant proposal". Come and hear from experienced and knowledgeable researchers about their tips and the lessons they learnt over the years on how to make your ideas attractive and competitive for a grant. There will also be a Q&A session where you can ask your questions to the panellists.

To continue the discussion, the event will be followed by an afternoon tea in the AIBN courtyard.

There is a wealth of resources available to EMCRs today. In fact, it can be overwhelming, and we are already running out of hours in the day. So, where do you start looking when you’d like a hand?

UQ has a list of resources available here.  We recommend that all EMCRs, particularly those new to UQ, look through these resources.

Additionally, we have compiled a short list of websites and tools that we have found useful. If you have any suggestions or notice a broken link, please contact us so we can update our lists.

Developing your skills

Grant writing is a skill that can only be developed through a large amount of practice. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a head-start (and plenty of refreshers) with guidance and references!

If you’re looking for more to sink your teeth into, try these in-depth guides to help you with structure and writing:

  • Writing successful science proposals, by Andrew Friedland, Carol Folt, and Jennifer Mercer, third edition, New Haven Yale University Press, 2018
  • The reader’s brain: How neuroscience can make you a better writer, by Yellowlees Douglas, Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Getting funding

  • The UQR&I Research Bulletin is a fortnightly newsletter for UQ staff and affiliates that circulates information on funding opportunities, upcoming research events, workshops and conferences, as well as information on research awards and prizes.
  • The UQR&I Mailer circulates important information relevant to researchers who hold, or are intending to apply for, grants. This may include, but is not limited to, information on workshops, opening of schemes, major rule changes or calls for funding.
  • UQ provides a variety of resources to help researchers find potential funding opportunities via funding databases.

Boosting your profile

Non-academic careers

You’re not alone

  • The UQ Early and Mid-Career Academics Committee (EC@UQ) is building momentum. Contact them to find out how you can get involved.  
  • Run by EMCRs, for EMCRs, advocating and representing researchers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics across Australia is the EMCR Forum.
  • Naturejobs postdoc blog series: Insights, options, careers 
  • ‘How Australia fails mid-career scientists:’ When the global financial crisis hit, forcing microbiologist Catherine Osborne to return from scientific work in the United States, she found that getting a job in the Australian research industry isn't the hard part—staying in one is. 12 July 2016, ABC
  • The EAIT EMCR Committee runs multiple events through the year. Join us to get to know like-minded researchers from your Faculty.

Other useful resources

  • Looking to use your science and engineering knowledge to create policy change? Check out Science and Technology Australia's "Science meets Parliament" events to meet people with influence.
  • Interested in kick-starting a cross-sector collaboration, but not sure where to start? The EMCR Forum has put together some excellent resources on their ‘kick-starting collaboration’ page.
  • Be sure to take your annual appraisal seriously. You can find information about UQ’s appraisal and promotion processes online.



Nominations for Fresh Science Competition now open

09 August 2017

Do you know any early-career researchers who have peer-reviewed results, a discovery, or an invention that has received little or no media attention? Please nominate them for Fresh Science, a national competition that helps early-career researchers find, and then share, their stories of discovery. Scientists get a day of media training and the chance to share their work with the media, general public and school students.

Fresh Science is looking for:

  • early-career researchers (from honours students to no more than five years post-PhD)
  • a peer-reviewed discovery that has had little or no media coverage
  • some ability to present ideas in everyday English.

Fresh Science 2017 will run in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and NSW.

Nominations close midnight on Thursday 31 August.

Get in touch

To contact the EMCR committee, email emcr@eait.uq.edu.au.

Am I an early to mid-career researcher?

'Early to mid-career researchers' (EMCR) typically refers to researchers who have completed a significant portion of their PhD (i.e. post third-year milestone) up until 15 - 20 years after the award of a doctoral or other research postgraduate qualification.

If you're still not sure if you are a EMCR, please get in touch with us by emailing emcr@eait.uq.edu.au.