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The EAIT Scholars program provides the Faculty’s top students with enhanced academic, industry and cultural experiences in preparation for long-term leadership positions.

EAIT Scholars are academically gifted students with a passion for engineering, architecture or computing who aspire to take their degree to the highest possible level.

There are three streams within the overarching ‘EAIT Scholars’ title for our cohorts in Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology.

Birrell Scholars

Our Architectural Design students are Birrell Scholars, named in honour of James Birrell and his long standing relationship with Queensland architecture and the University.

Hawken Scholars

Our Engineering students are Hawken Scholars, named after Professor Hawken whose vision of the complete engineer needing a combination of wide ranging experience and cultured insights provided the inspiration for this program.

Prentice Scholars

Our Computer Science, Information Technology and Multimedia Design students are Prentice Scholars. Professor Sydney Prentice was instrumental in the establishment of the University’s first computer centre in 1962.

All high achieving students are invited to apply for a UQ Vice Chancellors, UQ Excellence Scholarship, or EAIT International Scholarship, when enrolling in an Engineering, Architecture, or Information Technology degree. Those who are successful in their application for these scholarships will become EAIT Scholars for their first year of study at UQ.  

For students who are in their second year of study onwards, the top five percent of each cohort (Measured by GPA) will be selected and invited to participate in the EAIT Scholars program each year.

EAIT Scholars are academically gifted students with a passion for engineering, architecture, or computing who have displayed leadership qualities within school and the community, and aspire to take their degree to the highest possible level. Students will be introduced to industry, community and corporate networks, and have the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge through priority access to research, international exchange and industry sponsored opportunities.

The program also enables access to exclusive industry and research events including:

  • Annual leadership function
  • Industry networking colloquium opportunities
  • Exclusive Boardroom Lunches with Senior members of industry
  • Student mentoring opportunities

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First-year students

First-year students studying engineering, architecture or information technology and receive one of the following scholarships will be invited to the program:

Students in a later year:

Students whose GPA in that year is within the top 25 or top 5% of their EAIT Scholars cohort are invited to the program each year.