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The Career Steps program for International Students is a program created specifically for international students in the EAIT faculty to enhance your career education, marketability and employment outcomes in Australia and beyond. This would effectively provide guidance and advice on how to plan and organize your Australia based job in gaining work experience and professional practice placement.

We run a series of activities including consults and workshops each semester and provide resources and support to help you understand the Australian employment market and Australian workplace culture, build your experience, write a strong resume and prepare for your graduate job search, either in Australia or internationally.

The program is open to all international students and is a gateway to other programs offered by the EAIT Employability team.

At these events you’ll hear current students and graduates share their experiences, challenges and success stories about securing jobs and internships while living, working and studying in Australia.

By joining EAIT Career Steps program, you’ll join a community of students from all over the world and develop lifelong friendships and networks.

Upon completion of the program, students will have an understanding of, and confidence in, applying all aspects of the recruitment process, from application through to job offer.

Learning outcomes for the program include:

  • Understanding and accessing the Australian Job Market
  • Developing Resume and Cover Letter
  • Improving Communication and Culture for the Australian Workplace
  • Introduction to Networking and the Values and Benefits
  • Enhancing Interviews Techniques
  • Prepare and develop skills for Assessment Centres

Application details

Participants of the program can choose to commence at any time during their university career and complete the program prior to their graduation.

Participants are required to first register your details so we can officially have you signed up in the program.

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What's involved

The EAIT Career Steps program works by completion of a series of steps of activities to be undertaken to complete the program:

This video is based around the experiences of real international students and provides an introduction to employability from an international student’s perspective. Participants must complete a quiz to proceed to the next stage.

The Employability Workshop for International Students part of the EAIT Employability Team’s Workshop series. The aim of the workshop is to provide an overview of employability basics along with the Australian Recruitment Cycle and expectations of Australian employers.

This 20-minute consultation is vital in understanding participant’s initial level of employability as well as the employability skills development required for each participant.

These workshops are run as part of the EAIT Employability Team’s Workshop series and the objective is to provide you with skills needed in each area so you can be confident in employability skills.

  • Job Search Strategy Workshop (1 hour)
    The hidden job market is real with many jobs in Australia not publicly advertised. Join us to ensure your job search strategy is covering all angles.
  • How To Write A Great Resume And Cover Letter (45 min)
    A professional resume and cover letter are probably the most important documents you will ever write. Come along to the workshop and learn what employers are looking for in your professional documents.
  • Interview Skills That Will Get You Hired – Introduction (45 min)
    Your professional resume and cover letter have worked successfully and you have now been successful in gaining an interview! Make sure you arrive ready to impress and secure the offer.
  • Interview Skills That Will Get You Hired – Advanced (45 min)
    Achieving success in a Behavioural Interview does not come without preparation. In this workshop we will share with you the formula to the perfect answer.
  • Mock Assessment Centre Workshop (3 hours)
    Assessment centres are a method of recruiting that have increased in popularity in recent years. To prepare participants for this, the workshop will begin with an information session covering the expectations and followed by a practice run with professional assessors.

Participants are required to attend a networking event of their own choosing. This event could be either an internal or external event so long as it provides the participant with an opportunity to utilise the skills they have learned in previous employability workshops.

Once completed, students will need to complete the Self-Reflection form to progress to the next stage.

(1/2 hr session encompassing assessment and review)

This mock interview session is a rare opportunity for participants to practice your interview skills. Participants will be provided invaluable feedback at the end of the session.

This round table forum facilitates discussion on aspects of the program that are oriented towards building ideas, sharing knowledge and developing good practices.

This self-evaluation is a crucial part of measuring participants’ employability knowledge and performance.

Upon completion of the program, participants are encouraged to register for the UQ Employability Award to become a well-rounded, highly sought-after graduates.


For more details on the program, email employability@eait.uq.edu.au

For more enquiries

Please get in touch with us via email employability@eait.uq.edu.au