Faculty of
Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Bugalo Dube
Bugalo Dube

What do you study?

A dual degree of bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Hons) and Business Management.

Your best tip for a first year university student?

  • Don’t be afraid to aske questions and make mistakes, its an extremely important part of growth and development.
  • Take any opportunity given to you to experience and try new things while taking care to make time for university and your academics.
  • A balance is important and takes effort to make.

What is your dream role when leaving university?

Have secured a role in a company, (still figuring out where and doing what), that allows me to experience different roles in different areas of the business so that as I grow and develop I can select a field that clicks with me. While meeting all my immediate financial needs and then some but also having the time to explore and learn new things outside work.

Why is employability important to you?

There is a massive pool of candidates that employers can select from and you are just a single individual who needs to build and develop the necessary skillset to stand out and make an impression. Employability means that by the time you graduate you have hopefully grown in such a way that all the attributes necessary to secure a position in the company of your choice have been created, developed and displayed effectively.

What do you hope to achieve as an EAIT Employability Ambassador?

Make a positive impact that encourages the growth and development of an individual that helps prepare them for the challenges of finding employment. Leaving them at a better position coming out of an activity then when they came in.