Faculty of
Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

All students enrolling in a BE(Hons) dual degree program must meet with the first year engineering academic adviser before enrolling.

Contact Yr1eng@uq.edu.au  to arrange an appointment.

Course Restrictions for students enrolled in BE(Hons) Dual Programs

BE(Hons) dual program students are not permitted to enrol in courses offered by other Faculties where there is an equivalent BE(Hons) course.  Restrictions vary depending on the major undertaken in the BE(Hons). Please refer to your Program Rules for details. 

Specific course restrictions apply to -    ECON1050   ECON1310   PHYS1001   STAT1201

Exemptions for the other component of your dual will be recorded on your official academic transcript, and once granted cannot be removed or rescinded.

BE(Hons) Majors permitted in Dual Programs

Not all dual programs are available with all Engineering majors. The table below shows which combinations are possible.

Major Major
BE(Hons)/ BA BE(Hons)/
BE(Hons) / BBusMan
BE(Hons) / BCom
BE(Hons) / BEcon
BE(Hons) / CompSc BE(Hons) /
BE(Hons) / BSc BE(Hons) / BMath
#88 #88 #88 #88 #88 #80 #80
#56 / #32 #52 / #36 #56 / #32

#54-62 /


#56-62 /
#62 / #18 #60 / #20
Chemical Single

Chemical & Biological            

Chemical & Environmental            

Chemical & Materials Dual  


Chemical & Metallurgical Dual  


Civil Single


Civil & Environmental Dual  


Civil & Geotechnical Dual  


Electrical Single



Electrical & Biomedical Dual  



Electrical & Computer Dual  



Mechanical Single


Mechanical & Aerospace Dual  


Mechanical & Materials Dual          
Mechatronic Extended  



Mining Single


Mining & Geotechnical Dual  


Software Single