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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Aninda Saha
Aninda Saha

What do you study?

I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering

Your best tip for a first year university student?

My best tip for a first-year student would be to diversify your learning opportunities as much as possible, both academically and professionally. Unless you are absolutely certain on your specialisation for the future, I would highly recommend taking elective courses from various sub-disciplines of your degree to get a feel for the possibilities. Apply the same philosophy in your search for internships and volunteering opportunities. Once you amass enough breadth of experience, you can define your area of interest much more easily. Get involved with university life and develop those enterprise skills early on. They will take you a long way!

What is your dream role when leaving university?

My dream role when leaving university is to become an engineering consultant or an engineer at a startup. These roles provide a great deal of exposure to highly technical projects, which will be important in developing my fundamental knowledge as an engineer.

Why is employability important to you?

Employability is important to me because it is a good measure of where I stand in the workforce. It keeps me constantly upskilling myself, which will ensure long-term career success.

What do you hope to achieve as an EAIT Employability Ambassador?

As an EAIT Employability Ambassador, I hope to deliver key insights to students on how to improve their employability. I hope to expand my professional network and learn how to improve my engagement with employers. In doing so, I will be able to grow my leadership skills, which will become a marketable skill during my job search.