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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Anastasia Laczko
Anastasia Laczko
Meet Anastasia Laczko

What do you study?

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Mechatronic Engineering (+ InfTech)

What/who inspired you to choose engineering?

I always loved making things, so engineering was the perfect fit! It let me combine my love for physics with my passion for art and design. With my degree combination, I’ve been able to find an area that is a perfect match for both my strengths and interests.

Why did you choose the discipline you are studying?

Growing up, I always dreamed of designing robots which could improve the lives of others. Choosing Mechatronics has helped take me from creating cardboard robots to real ones!

What is one thing about university or engineering that you wished you knew earlier?

Having a balance between studying and doing what you love is essential to ensuring you stay happy and can continue to work hard. Plus, if you can find overlap between them it will really motivate you to reach your potential.

What made you pick engineering at the University of Queensland over other universities?

When I first started at UQ I mainly picked it because it was close to home and was said to have a good engineering program. However, I’ve grown to realise that there is so much more to a good university. While being at UQ I’ve been able to try out so many new experiences like new hobbies and fulfil my dream of travelling all around the world.

Your best tip for first-year engineering students?

Try not to stress so much. It’s always difficult when things are new, but you have time to figure it out as you go. There’s a lot of support available so try to make the most of it. Also look out for all the extracurricular opportunities that are available to students. There are so many things out there, but they can be a little hard to find sometimes.

Your favourite example of amazing engineering?

While I was in Korea, I learnt about a humanoid robot called Hubo which was being developed at my exchange host university. The robot can walk and pick up items and competed in mobility competitions against many other robots from different universities and research institutions. Humanoid robots have a long way to go still but it’s still amazing how far they’ve come already. I’m very excited to see how social robots will start being integrated into society in the future.

Dream engineering job when you graduate?

My dream job is to have a niche business which creates personalised social robots. I imagine that clients would come to me with unique scenarios and requirements for the robot and I’d work with them to develop a product which deeply understands and suits their needs. I believe that personalised robots have the potential to bring a lot of value to people’s lives, for example someone who may be lonely and is looking for a companion or someone living with a disability who could benefit from assistive technology tailored to them.

What do you hope to achieve as a WE student leader?

I hope that I’ll be able to encourage younger students to consider studying engineering by showing them that it can be fun and rewarding. There’s a lot of stereotypes based around engineering, but by continuing to work hard towards our own dreams and reaching out to younger generations we can break down diversity barriers. Helping others is incredibly fulfilling and it’s even better when it’s towards something that you’re really passionate about.