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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Alex Milne
Alex Milne

What do you study?

I study a dual degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Mechanical) and Bachelor of Business Management (International Business) and I am in my final year.

Your best tip for a first year university student?

My best tip for a first-year university student is very obvious and yet surprisingly, a lot of students will not do this but get involved! There are so many awesome avenues to go down through your time here at UQ and several different programs that will simultaneously help your grades, social life and eventually, your employability. Some examples of ways to get involved include going on a semester exchange, joining a society, and becoming a tutor.

What is your dream role when leaving university?

My dream role after graduating this year is to work in the additive manufacturing industry or to join a startup that focuses on vertical farming.

Why is employability important to you?

Employability is important to me not just because I want a job after I graduate but so I can get a job that fulfils me and kickstarts my dream career. After completing my degree, I really want to bring the knowledge that I have learnt here at UQ and implement that in industry.

What do you hope to achieve as an EAIT Employability Ambassador?

As an ambassador I hope to provide value to the Employability team at UQ by guiding students who are studying a similar degree to myself in the right direction for optimal employability. There are a lot of different achievements that I have accomplished during my degree and I would love to inspire more students to pursue these very obtainable goals.