The Women in Engineering Program is entering its 10th year of targeted engagement with female high school students. While the activities, social media and digital reach have evolved over this time, the core values and messages have remained consistent. With a full WE team on board we are enthusiastically planning events and initiatives for 2022.

Hybrid Collaboration Workshop 2022

The University Collaboration Workshop provides an opportunity for university teams from all over Australia and New Zealand to share their knowledge and recruitment initiatives aimed at increasing the national participation of women in engineering studies and promoting gender equity at tertiary and industry levels.

Over thirty university teams have shown interest in participating in the University Collaboration Workshop for 2022. This is over 70% of universities in Australia and New Zealand that offer an engineering program, making it our biggest workshop yet. The 2022 workshop will be split into two days, held 3 weeks apart. 

In order to allow teams to receive the invaluable in-person collaboration that we have experienced in previous years as a collective, day one will involve teams from each state gathering at a host location. These regional gatherings will allow for teams to discuss their experiences and challenges overcome over the past two years and benefit from knowledge sharing and developing action plans to implement in their own programs. 

Day two will be hosted by The University of Queensland where all states will connect through an online platform. This day is set to be both inspirational and insightful and provides an opportunity to come together, learn from one another, and move forward as a collective. We have an incredible line-up of speakers planned for this day, including representation from our industry program partners. 

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Podcast Season 2

In 2020, UQ Women in Engineering launched a twelve-episode podcast series ‘But Seriously, What is Engineering?’ with the aim to educate and inspire the next generation, specifically high school female students, to consider a career in engineering and promote the vast opportunities available to them. We covered the big questions:

  • What does a career in engineering look like?
  • What makes a great engineer?
  • And what’s in store for the future of engineering? 

Available via all leading platforms, Season 1 achieved over 1,800 downloads. Leveraging off the overwhelming success of Season 1, ‘But Seriously, What is Engineering?’ is returning in 2022, bigger and better than ever. Season 2 will be a twelve-episode series, filmed and recorded at UQ's St Lucia campus, with an impressive line-up of inspiring engineers eager to showcase the world of engineering from varying perspectives and specialties.

The WE Student Leaders will play a pivotal role in Season 2, hosting each episode and conducting the interviews. Their genuine inquisitiveness and relatability to our target audience of high school and current engineering students will ensure the conversation is engaging and of interest to effectively capture this demographic.

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Regional Engagement

Looking ahead, as we approach the 2023 target of 30% women commencing engineering at UQ, the Women in Engineering Program must increase the spread of the diversity message, with a focus on regional engagement in 2022.

The WE team are collaborating with the UQ Future Students team to access regional careers fairs, and approach large high schools in the area, with the aim of running hands on workshops before or after the career fair event. The team will endeavour to match WE Student Leaders, from regional areas, with the proposed career fair and school engagement, to ensure that the leaders are relatable and approachable.

Due to the success of the existing Women in Engineering Program, the start-up time for a regional outreach is expected to be minimal, as the team already have presentations, workshops, marketing material and pop up banners to use.

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