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Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

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Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

3 March 2020 4:00pm to 5:00pm



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UQ Engineering, Architecture and IT students in their penultimate (second last year) or final year of study are eligable to apply for the 2020 Meet a Mentor Program! Students interested in participating in this year's program are encouraged to attend the Meet a Mentor Information Session. 

This one hour session will provide important information about the program, answer questions regarding the benefits of mentoring, your role as a mentee, program expections (minumum contact hours, communication expectations etc.), and more. It will also offer you an opportunity to ask the Meet a Mentor team quesitons to ensure this program is right for you before submitting your application.

The Meet a Mentor Program aims to motivate, encourage, empower and transform the next generation of professionals entering the industry, by connecting them to like-minded and experienced Industry professionals. To read more about the program visit the website.  




Meet a Mentor team