Faculty of
Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Event host

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

1 November 2018 4:00pm to 6:00pm


Level 3
Advanced Engineering Building
St Lucia Campus

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Registrations for this event are now closed

The ITEE Innovation Showcase offers an excellent opportunity to experience over 100 student projects from the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Interact with the latest 'smart appliances’, unmanned aerial vehicles, biomedical devices, robotics and leading-edge software.  Projects on display will represent capstone projects in the School's key disciplines of electrical engineering, information technology and multimedia design, with some premier examples of work from our studio and project-based courses.

The event is always a stimulating environment in which to engage with potential graduates and key researchers in the field. 

The prize categories are:

  • Best Industry Based Project - CEED
  • Best Software Project - GBST
  • Best Working Hardware Project - Rinstrum
  • Best Project in Microwave, Phtotonics and Communications - L-3 Micreo
  • Best Automation and Control Project - Honeywell
  • Best Non-Thesis Project - Inspect Real Estate
  • Best Systems and Software Engineering Project - RGB Assurance
  • Best Project in Avionics & UAV - Boeing
  • Best Biomedical Device or System Prize - Cochlear
  • Best Power and Energy Systems Prize -ITEE
  • The Best Response to a Science Challenge - Department of Environment and Science, QLD Government


Project supervisors will nominate students/projects to participate in the showcase. A copy of the judging sheet is provided below for reference.

Supervisors please complete the following format return it a.uhlhorn@uq.edu.au

Students, once you have been nominated you will receive a confirmation email with further infromation. You will then need to review the following resources: 


Amy Uhlhorn