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Design Aids
FWG Project Requirements Questionnaire Download the FWG Project requirements Questionnaire
FWG Hazard Declaration Form Download the FWG Hazard Declaration Form
A3 Drawing Example
A3 Blank Drawing Template
A3 Drawing Blank Template (for Autodesk Inventor)
Event & Equipment Booking Systems
EAIT Equipment Loan System Access the EAIT Equipment Loan System
EAIT Equipment Loan System User Guide Download the EAIT Equipment Loan System User Guide
FWG Staff Event Booking System (Staff & Postgrads) Staff Event Booking System
FWG Student Event Booking System (Undergrad Students) Student Event Booking System
Test & Tag Resources
EAIT Test & Tag Procedure
Seaward PT300-PATGuard Elite Data Transfer User Guide
Seaward PT300 PAT Tester User Manual
Seaward PATGuard Elite Software User Manual
Altium Designer Tutorial Part 1 - Schematics
Altium Designer Tutorial Part 2 - PCB
Altium Designer Tutorial Part 3 - Custom Components
Basic Strain Gauge Adhesion Tutorial