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The Architecture Workshop offers a range of timber machining options, ranging from sanding, cutting and drilling to CNC routing and Laser Cutting equipment.

Whilst the Architecture Collaborative Laboratory (CoLab) provides facilities and equipment for construction of architectural and structural models, the Architectue Workshop (Building 51, Room 101) offers the required technology allowing students to fabricate prototypes from model scale to full scale. A range of tools can be loaned from the workshop using the online Equipment Loan System once the relevant Risk Assessments and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) have been read.

Accessing the Facility and Equipment

To access the facility and use the equipment, you must;

1. Complete the Workshop Safety Induction;

Undergraduate students - Complete the online Workshop Safety Induction on their course/community Blackboard site,

Staff and postgraduate students - Contact a member of workshop staff for details.

2. Read the relevant Risk Assessment(s) by following the links below.

IMPORTANT: Once you have read the Risk Assessment, indicate you have completed this requirement by clicking the “Read” button and selecting “Yes” on the lower left of the front page of the Risk Assessment. Do NOT use the “Email Supervisor” link on that page. There is also no need to print the Risk Assessment.

Click here to view the guide to navigating the Risk Assessments. NOTE: The SOPs and Competency Assessment documents attached to each Risk Assessment are also accessible using the links below;

3. Read the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) associated with each Risk Assessment. Again, there is no need to print any of the SOP's as hard copies are located near each item of workshop equipment;

4. If a competency Assessment is required prior to using the equipment, print a double-sided copy of the Competency Assessment document and book an Induction/Equipment Competency session at the workshop using the EAIT Student Event Booking System via the course/community Blackboard site. Remember to bring the blank Competency Assessment document(s) with you.

Remember..... You must read all the relevant Risk Assessments and SOPs before borrowing any tools OR before attending the Induction/Equipment Competency Session for that equipment

Specialist Workshop Equipment

Requires Competency Assessment

Risk Assessment

Read Linked Document


Read Linked Document

Competency Assessment

Print Linked Document

CNC Router

36697 SP-091 CA-039

Laser Cutter

37000 SP-092 CA-076

General Workshop Equipment

Requires Competency Assessment

Risk Assessment

Read Linked Document


Read Linked Document

Competency Assessment

Print Linked Document


1011 SP-001 CA-004

Belt & Disk Sander (Timber)

48960 SP-076 CA-011

Compressed Shop Air

2128 SP-028 CA-023

Drill Press

1940 SP-002 CA-005

Oscillating Spindle Sander

36696 SP-090 CA-013

Pneumatic Hand Tools

35918 SP-058 CA-032

Power Jigsaw - Hand Held

36552 SP-072 CA-010

Power Jointer - Hand Held

45078 SP-102 CA-080

Power Sander-  Hand Held (Disk or Belt)

36710 SP-062 CA-009

Scroll Saw

36687 SP-089 CA-012


35686 SP-045 CA-053

Basic Workshop Tools & Processes

No Competency Assessment Required

Risk Assessment

Read Linked Document


Read Linked Document

Adhesives, Solvents & Coatings

35894 SP-044

Battery Charging

31109 SP-042

Electric & Battery Power Drills

36663 SP-086

Hand Tools

37393 SP-095

Heated Airstream Tools - Hand Held

2400 SP-036

Hot Glue Gun

29795 SP-037

Manual Handling

36379 SP-093

Soldering Iron

2297 SP-038